Breffni O’Rourke

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Thank you Breffni for helping to sell 5 tables at our NBS Dancing for a Cause event!
The Mix 104 is proudly supporting Breffni in becoming the next Dancing for a Cause Champion in 2020! At 17 years old, one of Breffni O’Rourke’s first jobs outside of school was selling the tickets at her local movie theatre. At that time Dirty Dancing hit the big screen. From that moment she was in love with ballroom and wanted nothing more than to be led across the floor by Patrick Swayze. Who didn’t? Her school years did not include any form of partner dancing, so her only dance partner was her broom as she swept up popcorn from the aisles after a screening. She began working as a DJ in a nightclub, which was probably the safest place for someone of Breffni’s dancing style. Wild, expressive, untameable and best kept in DJ booth, metres from other human contact.  A safe dance space where her “spaghetti arms” could fly unchecked. Then came the movie Strictly Ballroom. She was in love AGAIN. Breffni saw the film over 20 times. She still has the original poster from when the movie came out 27 years ago! Breffni‘s love of music is one of the reasons she loves working on the radio. She loves radio's ability to share music’s energy and to connect a community in an instant.  She has worked in radio for over 27 years, in Dunedin, Christchurch and Nelson. Before finally making the move to Nelson for good, Breffni worked in Dunedin on a breakfast show in the morning and then at the hospice from 11am. “I came to understand the beauty of someone being able to spend their final days pain-free, with loved ones at their side in lovely surroundings.  And when that need came for members of my own family, I was beyond grateful for the respect and comfort hospice was able to give them. It is an honour to be able to give back now to Nelson Tasman Hospice” Sadly Breffni has never managed to learn anything more than the side to side kiwi shuffle and her life partner tells her that she is  “completely UNleadable!”. BUT if there is one thing Breffni is always up for it’s trying new things and challenging herself because as the great Paul Mercurio once said “A life lived in fear is a life half lived” She is keen to share her Dancing For A Cause journey on-air on Nelson’s Mix 104FM.