Grant Rosewarne

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Hello! My name is Grant Rosewarne and I moved to Nelson with my wife and our youngest daughter 10 years ago when I took up the CEO role at NZ King Salmon.  My role involves a fair amount of travel so I really value my time in our wonderful region. We have lived in Australia and the UK and in fact my two older children currently live and work in Sydney. I come from a farm originally and most of my career has been in food and beverage – everything from dairy, wine, coffee and tea, etc - and I absolutely love Nelson’s vibrant restaurant, café, and arts scene. The desire to support the Nelson Tasman Hospice has somehow overcome my common sense and my two left feet!  I’m okay doing my own thing on the dance floor (as long as there is a crowd of people hiding my lack of coordination), but to be doing a solo formal dance under a spotlight and in front of an audience and judges will be a challenge.  You can be sure I will be visiting one of Nelson’s great bars beforehand! Outside of work I love dining with family and friends, meeting new people, going to the gym, and I enjoy the odd nature walk.