Lizl Matthewson

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Thank you Lizl for helping to sell 8 tables at our NBS Dancing for a Cause event!
Determined to keep a positive mindset throughout her breast cancer treatment, Lizl Matthewson combined her love of dance with a pre-mastectomy ‘Goodbye Boobie’ party. She promised then to throw another party once she’d had breast reconstruction and, this time, the celebration would be a fundraiser – another one of Lizl’s most favourite things to do.   “I’m passionate about doing charity work and I’ve always loved dancing. It's a way of celebrating life,” she says. “I had often told friends it would be a dream come true for me to dance in an event such as ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Now I’ve been asked to take part in ‘Dancing for a Cause.’ It’s very exciting and it will combine my love of dance with my passion for charity work.   “Nelson’s Hospice is an amazing organisation. I’ve had to farewell family and friends in their care, so this is such an honour to be involved in fundraising for Hospice.”   Lizl’s love of dance was instilled in her by her mother who “was always dancing with me and teaching me little dance steps.” She is now passing on that knowledge to her own daughter.   Lizl has been involved with major fund-raising drives such as the Cancer Society’s Street Appeals, the Pink Star Walk, Relay for Life and Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust. She also coordinated fundraising for the annual 40-hour Famine event and for Purple Cake Days, established after the Haiti earthquakes in 2010.