Nick Smith

Raised: $100.00 $5,000.00196 Days Left
Thank you Nick for helping to sell a table at our NBS Dancing for a Cause event!
As Nelson’s MP for 29 years I continue to meet people from all walks of life, all on their own journeys and with stories to tell. I like to be able to help and make a difference which is the major reason why I am taking part in Dancing for a Cause.  Dancing for a Cause is a way of acknowledging the work so many professionals and volunteers do every day to help those whose lives are affected by cancer. We all should be very proud of the cancer care provided in Nelson and do our bit to help sustain these services. It is a fun opportunity to highlight the broader cancer cause and to celebrate life.  Cancer touches us all. Either directly, or through family, friends, or work colleagues.  My Mum was diagnosed recently but is now well on the mend with a renewed lease on life as a consequence of excellent care.  My dance skills will help make other contestants look good. My wife Linley is hoping for a miracle, while I expect Emma will need to write L and R on my shoes. Success for me will not be doing a Rodney Hide, dropping my partner nor a David Seymour, twerking! Wish me luck, I’ll need it.