Phill Jones

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Thank you Phill for helping to sell a table at our NBS Dancing for a Cause event!

Married to Kat (she is amazing!) and has 3 great kids Maia, Hayden, and Ava. (yes they all like basketball)

Work fulltime for ANZ as a mobile mortgage manager and still play a bit of social basketball and love playing golf! Enjoy coaching basketball at a junior level and heavily involved in this with the kids.

I guess there are not many people keen to get up and dance in-front of a lot of people and I was definitely one of them, but with a bit of encouragement from family, friends and workmates it was a no brainer to get involved. Don’t get me wrong I am extremely nervous about the whole situation but when I look at what the event is raising money for I have nothing to worry about! Cancer does affect a huge amount of people and mum was one of those people on 3 different occasions and lucky enough to still be with us. She is really the main reason that I wanted to get involved as she has been incredibly strong, positive and smiled the whole way through treatment and recovery. She is a great mum and an inspiration to everyone that knows her.

Cheers Phill