NBS Nelson Dancing for a Cause is proudly supporting the Nelson Tasman Hospice at the 2025 event.

“Nelson Tasman Hospice provides specialist palliative care services for people of all ages with life-limiting illnesses, supporting them, their whānau and carers, through illness, death and bereavement.

We work as a specialist interdisciplinary team. We know that people with life-limiting illnesses need a holistic approach to their care, not only focusing on physical symptoms but also supporting patients and their whānau with the social, emotional, and spiritual impact of their illness. The level of care we provide is based on the needs of the patient and whānau. Our care is available throughout the Nelson Tasman region and is provided in the home, in aged-care facilities, in hospitals, and in our purpose-built Specialist Palliative Care Unit (SPCU).

Our services are free of charge; however, it does cost to provide them. At present we receive 52% of our annual running costs from Nelson Marlborough DHB, the remaining 48% (circa $3M) must be raised every year. We could not continue providing these services without the generosity of our community, sponsors or our Hospice Shops.

On average we have 240 patients per month in Hospice care with 42% of those patients having a non-cancer diagnosis. There are approximately 540 face-to-face contacts made with, and 405 phone calls made to, our nursing teams per month. Patients and their families also make an average of 226 total contacts with Allied Health Support Services per month.”



“We would like to thank the NBS Dancing For a Cause Trust for their incredible support of hospice services in the Nelson Tasman Region.  It takes a community to make a hospice happen, and the Trust is such an important part of ours.”

NBS Nelson Dancing for a Cause wants to help the Hospice in maintaining its services for its growing referrals and demand.

Please help us to support the Hospice. You can do this by supporting our fabulous contestants, donate where you can and turn up on the night!